Who we are

The Socialist Unity Network originated in the Socialist Alliance. It is not a political group conceived to add to the competition between the many socialist organisations which already exist. It is a network of activists which campaigns for the widest practical collaboration of left groups and movements resisting the attacks of the Blair government.

In England the left has failed to make the break with the sectarian legacy that has dogged the 'far left' for so long. Such divisions undermine our ability to build a fightback against the Blair government.

The Socialist Unity Network therefore believes that, in the interests of building resistance and striving to create the conditions in which a socialist alternative to New Labour can emerge, it is necessary to strive to develop collaborative methods of working as widely as possible. This is similar to the process that led to the formation of the SSP in Scotland, which was the result of a number of years of common work and discussion which enabled previously competing and sometimes hostile organisations to overcome old antagonisms and to develop greater political agreement.

Our supporters include members of political groups, such as Respect, and others who are not members of a group. However, what unites us is the belief that we should strive for practical unity between the left groups in the interests of the working class and all those oppressed by capitalism. We campaign to do so in the local areas where we work and at the national level where we can. We are involved in the Socialist Green Unity Coalition which aims to prevent clashes between left organisations in the General Election.

The Network operates as far as possible by consensus. Where practical questions demand, we operate by majority decision, though we do not demand that Network members adhere to a decision if they feel strongly opposed to it.

We utilize the Socialist Unity Network website as a source of information and discussion for the wider movement. We have an email discussion list which is probably one of the least conflictive you will find on the internet.

If you would like to become a supporter of the network please email us. What does this entail?

  • Working with other Network supporters if there are any in your area;

  • Helping us with the website by writing or forwarding material for it;

  • If you join the email list we ask you to honour its confidentiality. Nothing should be reproduced from it without the agreement of the writer;

  • We ask for a modest standing order to help us cover our costs;

If you would like discussion on the Network, please email us, or write to us at PO Box 1177, Swindon, SN1 4XB