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Mike Davies, for Forward Wales

Huw Williams's call for a vote for Respect in Wales sadly slides into a rather desperate sectarian attack on Forward Wales. He knows FW is also for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, he knows we're a socialist party and he knows we're for a workers' MEP on a worker's wage. Maybe that's what makes Huw, an SWP member, uncomfortable.

We also have two women on our list. We don't have anyone from an ethnic minority on the list of four candidates but that's hardly surprising in a country that's 95% white. We do, however, have something to say about embattled Welsh-language communities - a cultural minority that doesn't seem to register with our internationalist comrades.

I don't want to get into a slanging match with Respect but "pandering to nationalism"? Please. Our key demand is for a Europe of the workers not big business and bureaucrats.

As for left unity in Wales - the SWP should take a long hard look at what they did in closing down the Welsh Socialist Alliance before lecturing anyone on left unity.


June 2004

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