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Vote RESPECT Wales

Huw Williams, RESPECT Wales candidate

The election on June 10th will see people in Wales given an opportunity to
vote for RESPECT.

This is important as we will be the only party calling for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of UK and USA troops from Iraq.

Respect hopes to give a political voice to the anti war movement of which
all its candidates have in some form or other played a consistent and active
role. RESPECT nationally also has the widest and most diverse range of
candidates in terms of gender (50/50 split) and candidates from non white
backgrounds. Another reason to vote RESPECT is that it will be the only left
vote which does not pander to nationalism. For example Forward Wales main election slogan is "Put Wales first"- this is the same as Plaid Cymru and can only be interpreted as we need to put Wales (rich and poor) ahead of other countries because we are Welsh.

RESPECT is an internationalist party and offers a real alternative to New Labour. Lastly I feel it was  shame that forward Wales voted not to have an electoral alliance with RESPECT as was outlined at the RESPECT meeting in Cardiff by Dr Marek many months ago and which RESPECT member voted for in the name of maximising the left vote.

Nevertheless I am of the opinion that RESPECT can start the process of
giving those people in Wales who are sick of the official politics a real
chance to register there feelings in a clear way.


June 2004


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