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Proposed motion to RESPECT conference

Election Strategy

Sean Thompson


Conference recognises Respect’s key task is to is to build a broad-based and inclusive alternative to the parties of privatisation, war and occupation. This  means that we have the responsibility of ensuring that in the next general election there is in every constituency in England and Wales a candidate who broadly stands on the political platform contained in the Respect’s Founding Declaration – but as far as is humanly possible only one candidate. We further recognize that that candidate need not necessarily in every case be a member of Respect.


The success of our election strategy should be not be measured by the number of Respect candidates standing, nor whether or not we are granted a party political broadcast, but by the degree to which it helps in the development of a mass democratic socialist party capable of being a viable alternative  to New Labour.


We recognize that it would be completely unacceptable for Respect to stand candidates against those sitting Labour MPs  who are members of the Campaign Group and those Labour MPs who voted against Blair’s war in Iraq. However, we recognize that we have a duty to attempt to work with all progressive organisations who wish to mount an electoral challenge to New Labour in particular constituencies. Therefore, this Conference instructs the National Committee and National Executive to open discussions with all national organisations who are likely to be standing candidates, particularly the Socialist Party and the Green Party in England and Wales First in Wales, with a view to establishing electoral pacts or agreements on a national basis.


Conference also calls on individual branches to approach all progressive groups in their areas in order to establish agreements at a local level that will lead to joint candidates or local ‘non aggression’ pacts if at all possible.




October 2004


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