Socialist Resistance statement on Peter Tatchellís remarks.


Peter Tatchellís criticism of Respect for downplaying the importance of LBGT rights is not accurate.  Respect conference demonstrated the commitment of the organisation to defending LGBT rights. A number of examples were given which illustrated the willingness of Muslim members of Respect to defend these rights. Everyone who joins Respect knows where it stands on this issue. In addition Respect members have distributed the organisationís literature at the last two Pride events in London. 

The resolution regretting the failure to mention LGBT rights was written, proposed in branches and motivated at conference by supporters of the paper Socialist Resistance ( Our only agenda is one we do not hide at all. We want Respect to be a major force on the left of British politics. That means we want it to be the natural home for all those who are against the war and looking for politics which are radical and socialist.

Thatís why we think Respect is the organisation every anti-capitalist lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gender activist should join.