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Appeal for RESPECT motion on secularism

Dave Landau, Islington RESPECT

If you agree with this resolution and believe this is a vital debate for Respect to have at its conference at the end of October then please could you let me know that you want your name added to the list of supporters.  Resolutions require the names of at least 20 paid up members to be discussed at conference.  Resolutions have to be in by 11 October.

If you want to put your name down then contact me at



This conference declares that RESPECT the Unity Coalition is a secular organisation. 

This means RESPECT strives for a society in which people of all faiths and none are equal, in which there is a complete separation between religion and the state and any instruments of governance nationally or locally and opposes the coercion by any authority of any person to adhere to a faith or obey the rules of any faith.  It means that RESPECT is open to those of all faiths and none, does not favour and is not beholden to any religion or religious institution.

Conference asserts that this follows from our commitment to equality and socialism, a commitment embedded in our title.   As a consequence of this RESPECT will actively:

Oppose coercive action by religious institutions, authorities or movements.  Oppose the suppression of right of individuals or sections of the community by religious institutions, authorities or movements - for example gender rights, right to sexuality, right to 'heretical' beliefs etc.  

·Support all working class and progressive movements within those communities who stand up for the rights of those under threat from religious institutions, authorities or movements.

· Oppose the persecution and discrimination of people because of their faith.  Oppose the suppression of a faith by the state.

· Demand the immediate abolition of the Blasphemy Laws

· Demand the immediate disestablishment of the Church of England.

· Demand the end of state subsidies to all faith schools.




September 2004


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