The Socialist Unity Network

Glutton for punishment?

Dave Landau

 As a member of the SADP and of Respect, who has received lots of flack in cyber-debates for arguing for joining Respect, building it as well as fighting for socialism in it, I might seem a glutton for punishment.  But then I turn to your website and read the article "All Under One Umbrella".

Oh dear.  The critics of Respect are characterised by turn as old grumblers and petulant children.  As if there was nothing to criticise, nothing to worry about.  There is plenty to criticise and lots to worry about otherwise 'Socialist Unity' would presumably had no reason to have been launched. It looks like Socialist Alliance, based on a damned good manifesto, has been liquidated.  The organisation that is to take its place has consciously decided to make its socialism 'implicit' (Nick Wrack's words not mine), has abandoned the principle 'for a workers representative on a workers wage' - quite the opposite of a purist position but actually a vote catcher for the SSP - to accommodate the likes of George Galloway, could easily degenerate into nothing but an electoral machine for said Galloway, has abandoned the SAs commitment to no immigration controls and no borders and may well not put the defence of asylum and migrant rights at the centre of our election material - as it needs to in order to counter the fascists who will be fighting in the Regions and the London Assembly.....

So I am a sharp critic of Respect whilst in it, very worried that it will turn out to be a giant set backwards from the Socialist Alliance.  Do I expect Socialist Unity to treat me as an ally or a grumbler or petulant child? 

This particular article is unsigned.  Is it supported by supported by Socialist Unity as a whole?  If so the title Socialist Unity is highly inappropriate.


March 2004