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What next for Europe?

Pete Brown


When I see articles in my newspaper that President Chirac is taking about plan B it raises concerns particularly when I have read elsewhere, on more than one occasion recently, that proposed EU constitution is dead. But then I remember that the current President of the EU is a rather devious character that I would refer to as a liar, but I won’t.


My fear on that score is the recent spectacle of an 82year old comrade being ejected from the New Labour annual gathering that once went under title of National Conference for heckling Tony Blair and apparently being charged under anti-terrorist legislation – could this same legislation extend to my being deported from my home in Spain as I am still a British subject?


But I digress back to Monsieur Chirac and his plan B, we all know that we cannot that we cannot predict just what Tony Blair as leader of anything will do next. I believe that if he could up anchor the UK, minus Northern Ireland of course, he would, supported by a large majority of New Labour and the whole of the Tories except Ken Clarke, float it off across the Atlantic and park it just off the coast of the US. Obviously away from New Orleans or Florida, no flies on our Tony. Then he would apply for statehood along side other off shore habitats such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


This would imply that Tony was quite prepared to accept the US Constitution and all it stands for including that nasty word F e d e r a l i s m with it’s division of powers between President, Parliament and the judiciary, funny how being closer to George gives things a different perspective. I mention this because I am a strong supporter of a united Europe, not the loose undemocratic alliance of the un-elected council of ministers and the unaccountable central bank that will destroy the last vestiges of public services and serve only to make a few a heck of a lot richer, but a united Europe based on the socialist ideals of equality, social justice, full employment and the sustainable use of both human and natural resources, probably governed as a federation.


Now call me altruistic, idealistic, or just plain stupid but when I read extensively about the referenda in France and the Netherlands and the overwhelming majority that voted against the ratification of the proposed EU Constitution guess what, they too where Idealistic and altruistic, but they were not stupid. They knew that the type of Europe they wanted and it much closer to my ideas than the one they were being asked to vote for – so they said NO resoundingly. So what is happening with our Tony as President of the EU? Well his advisers, are believe it or not, are slightly more astute than Monsieur Chirac they are telling Tony that with a bit of careful stealth, sorry planning, they can get most of the important points in through the back door and if he can’t why did he appoint Mr Mandelson to the commission?


So the limbo over the Constitution is to continue, apparently to be addressed again next January – post the Blair Presidency. But what about the promises, the so called period of reflection in which we, the citizens of Europe I think that means, are supposed to take part in a broad debate ‘involving citizens, civil society, social partners, national parliaments and political parties’ promised by the council of ministers and the commission on 16/17 June, see www.rojoyverde.blogspot under the heading “The EU pause for thought?” dated 27 June for more details.



In the meantime we are being sold Turkey, Turkey as the next members of the EU that is. Now there may be some valid reasons for seeing Turkey as a part of the EU but are they better candidates than perhaps Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Rumania, Bulgaria …must I go on? And do we really need another expansion quite so soon?


So why Turkey you ask, well we all remember that Turkey is a member of NATO (although they are nowhere near the North Atlantic) and is not true that they have borders with both Iraq and Iran? Trying not to sound too much like a conspiracy theorist didn’t the US want to use as a base when Iraq was invaded, is Tony really trying to use his period as EU President to soften us all up for his pal George? We should not hold our breath on this one.


And of course what is one of the most contentious parts of the proposed EU constitution? Why, the section that commits EU member states to take part in preventative wars if one of their number is threatened by an outside party, get Turkey in a threat to EU security from Iran and Bingo that bit of the proposed constitution is up and running without any need for referenda or consultation.          


November 2005


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