Statement from participants in local social forums gathered in Athens ESF May 2006


We are a group of participants in local social forum all over Europe who have started networking. The purpose of the network is to get to learn from each other, build up memories, exchange experiences on operating practices and processes and on activities taking place in different countries.

We intend to carry on working together in an open and horizontal way, using  email list, and the EULSF workspace in the ESF website 

We are active in creating and maintaining local social forum dynamics in various countries of Europe, according to a diversity of approaches to the social forum concept, and keeping a horizontal dialogue between us about which are the practices that allows sustainability and social inclusiveness of these forum.

We feel that local social forums are the spaces and tools to interconnect our social and political activities and struggles and give local answer to global problems.

We aim to spread the common idea of local social forum as a horizontal democratic and inclusive tool for building alternatives strengthening the cooperation between diverse collective entities and individuals active at a local level.

We feel that local forum can be spaces where, as in greater forums, and at no cost for them, citizens can live the experience of participating in the process without being passively mobilized.

We want to stress that if the aim is to expand the impact of the dynamics of the European and World Social Forums, this depends also on the existence and quality of many local social forums.

We appeal to men and women, whether they belong or not to nationwide and european wide organisations, to contribute more to the social forum process at local levels, as well as to people involved at local level to mobilize to participate at others levels of the process.

We are convinced that the future of the social forum process can only be answered by maintaining a bottom up approach

In EULSF we will be developing a discussion about ESF process which we will report in the ext EPA


First Signatures of participants to local social forums

Antonio Bruno e Giuseppe Gonnella Ponente Genovese Social Forum, Italy

Doretta Cocchi Firenze social forum, Italy

Franck Jacobs London Social forum, UK

Lisa Larnesjo Uppsala Social Forum, Sweden

Mariangela Casalucci, Manchester Social forum, UK

Matyas Benyk, Hungarijna foundation Social Forum, Hungary

Peter Flack Leicester Social Forum UK

Pierre George and Jean Guy and Marie Thérèse Dufour , Ivry Social forum, France

Sofia Kjellen and Sara Andersson Goteborg Social Forum, Sweden

Till Mossakowski and Ann Katrin Gadt Bremen Social forum Germany



May 2006

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