DSP recommits to building the Socialist Alliance

Peter Boyle

The Democratic Socialist Perspective’s 22nd Congress on January 5-8, 2006 reaffirmed the DSP’s commitment to building the Socialist Allianceas a new party project.

This followed an extensive pre-congress discussion centred on a draftresolution, “The Democratic Socialist Perspective and the Socialist Alliance”. The draft resolution (
read it here
) was adopted with a minor amendment.

A proposal that the DSP return to calling itself the “Democratic Socialist Party”, and declare it as the only party we are building today, was rejected by three quarters of the Congress delegates.

The resolution commits DSP members to work democratically and transparently within Socialist Alliance structures (and in broader regroupment formations, if and when they arise) to build, to the best of our ability, united left campaigns in the trade union and other social movements.

The DSP Congress anticipated a year of growing resistance to the capitalists’ offensive and resolved to build the Socialist Alliance as an invaluable player in that fight.

Congress also agreed to make some specific proposals to the Socialist Alliance that the DSP thinks can strengthen the Alliance’s capacity to build resistance to the neo-liberal attacks, especially the soon-to-be-enacted new anti-union laws. These included:

• Producing a Socialist Alliance Fightback Manifest.
• Initiating a discussion in the broader union movement about possibilities for a second National Trade Union Fight-back Conference mid-year and scheduling the 2006 SA national conference to coincide with such a broader conference.

The Congress recognised that the pace at which Socialist Alliance has been able to develop is slower than we had anticipated and that the DSP needs to replenish its cadre base, maintain the political, organisational and financial viability of its own structures and win, educate and develop a new generation of revolutionary youth cadre.

Studying and building solidarity with the exciting new revolutionary advances in Latin America was accorded a high priority.

At a Congress rally DSP members pledged a record $103, 165 towards a $250,000 Green Left Weekly fighting fund for 2006.

A new national committee was elected, which in turn established the national officeholder positions of National Secretary, Assistant National Secretary and National President. Peter Boyle, Sue Bolton and John Percy were respectively elected to these positions.


Peter Boyle is the National Secretary, Democratic Socialist Perspective (Australia)




Jan 2006

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