Bush get out the way

Benedict Southworth

Director, World Development Movement. Speaking to 10000 protesters outside the US Embassy in London, International Climate Change Day, 3rd December 2005.


Congratulations to you all for being here. It is fantastic to see thousands of people here outside the US embassy let us hope our message gets through loud and clear.


We will all be affected by climate change, but those least able to cope will be affected most. Climate Change will reverse development, it will increase the difference between rich and poor, and it will make tacking poverty impossible. Increasing extremes of weather will reduce crop yields. Warmer weather will increase diseases carried by mosquitoes and tsetse flies. And poverty itself means that people are less able to cope and to adapt.


If those most effected are in the global south, those with most responsibility that are here in the global north. We must cut our emissions now, and we must stop promoting a form of development based upon fossil fuel projects, that mean that developing countries are becoming more, and more addicted to fossil fuels at a time when they should be becoming less and less addicted to the same mistakes that we made here. (applause)


The World Development Movement believes in trade combined with justice. We believe in justice for the world’s poor. We believe those two things go together. We call on Tony Blair now to stop pandering to the US. We call on President Bush to get out of the way, and let people get on with building a proper and real solution: that means justice for the world’s poor and climate justice for everybody. (applause)




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