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Forwarded message;
Police stop and searching vehicles on their way to G8

A message for peeps entering Scotland in vans full of tat: - in case you were planning an easy ride! Our van was stopped driving up the motorway in Scotland by Strathclyde police T division (support division -traffic). They'd been following for a while and gave their reason as 'curiosity'. They followed us for about ten miles and we still hadn't entered their
patch by the time they stopped us.

Once they'd stopped us, they looked for reasons to get the driver and van off the road. A sniffer dog van was nearby and stopped but didn't search the van - too packed I suppose.  The plan seemed to be to stop the van, hold the driver for long enough for the MOT inspectors to arrive. Seems they want to get drivers and vans off the road.  Though the van looked a
bit 'unusual', we reckon they knew the G8 connection before they even flagged us down. They were following for long enough to chat to the DVLA and Met to fish for info.

When the driver was arrested, they held him over the weekend and brought London political cops (Special branch? NCIS? > FIT? > > we don't know) down from Glasgow. The local cops were well chuffed at getting the first G8 arrest in, thought they'd arrested the big man and everything.

So this message is just to warn you. It's not too early, the police (local police most likely) have got their eyes out for vans, and (we guess) want to take out the drivers too. Though there's a lot of vans on the motorway, think - does yours  stand out? If pulled, they'll look for the G8 connection and give it a better going over than the last time it was MOT'd.  If everything is above board, make sure you're carrying the MOT and insurance - we hadn't got the cover note through, which was all they held us on.  Probably the best plan is to take small roads through Scotland - motorways have number plate recognition cameras and traffic cops, and particularly - are the expected route for entering Scotland from

Good luck

June 2005


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