URGENT Christmas appeal for destitute women seeking asylum

Niki Adams

Dear sisters & friends,

As you may know, a number of women from the All African Womenís Group, the self-help group of women asylum seekers based at our Centre, have no income.  This is most often because their asylum case has been rejected, not because they donít have good reason to claim asylum but because they received very poor legal representation. 

Over the holiday period our Womenís Centre is closed and even our regular volunteers from the AAWG wonít be able to get the daily hot lunch we provide.  We are making an urgent appeal for money to support women during this time.  Any amount you are able to donate is very welcome, no matter how small.  Our priority is to give £50 to at least five women who volunteer regularly at our Centre and take part in other activities.  If we raise more money than this we will give it to mothers with children who are living on well below poverty line benefits.  Please email us immediately (address below) if you are able to donate.  Please make cheques payable to Legal Action for Women and specify that you are donating in response to the Christmas appeal.

Many thanks and best wishes for the holiday period,

Niki Adams





December 2005

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