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Action against Windrush in London

Joss Garman

From April 1st until April 6th, there will be days of action against
Windrush in London.

Windrush are a company which organize the ‘Iraq Procurement Conferences’ at which the privatization of Iraq’s assets is facilitated.

Even if every troop left Iraq tomorrow, the occupation would continue as a result of the economic ties which are currently being planned and signed up to through privatization of Iraq’s services. As Naomi Klein has written about, this process is illegal. She compared what is going on to house sitters going to stay in someone’s house. Fine. But, they sell off everything in the house to their friends! Windrush are facilitating this process.

Ewa Jasiewicz explained, “Little is known about the illegal privatization of Iraq and the economic agenda of the occupation which is being fuelled and furthered through the daily massacres up and down Iraq. We thought it was necessary to link the physical, obvious violence being waged against the Iraqi people and the less visible economic violence being wrecked on the lives, living standards and futures of people in Iraq.”

I met with activists in London yesterday who are organizing the days of action against Windrush, and they asked me to inform TP about these days of actions so that they could be written into the diary of activists.

The plans are currently very loose but there will definitely be a demo in
London on April 1st. (Friday)

On the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd, there may be a NVDA training and teach-in though this is to be confirmed.

Over the next few days, 4th -6th, there will be demos, direct actions and


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