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Demonstrations against the war

Jim Jepps

Photo taken from STWC website; by Richard Searle

This Saturday saw massive demonstrations against the war world wide. Something like 45 countries had significant protests against the ongoing occupation in Iraq.

London saw between 50 and 75 thousand march and significantly Madrid saw something like 100,000, with a further 200,000 marching in Barcelona.

Rome probably saw the largest European demonstration with an estimated 300,000 on the streets. Australia probably saw around 100,000 take part in different cities, which is extremely impressive.

Many people will take heart from the very sizable demonstrations that took place in the US. 100,000 in New York, 50,000 in San Fransisco and all in all around 250 US cities saw anti-war protests.

Other marches around the world included 30,000 in Tokyo, 6,000 in Belgium and 2,000 in Finland.

There is clearly a great anger around the world at the never ending war drive, fuelled by the erosion of civil liberties, state terrorist actions and the dreadful repercussions of the war on terrorism that has made the world such an unstable and dangerous place.



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March 2004