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UK Watch launched

A new and excellent resource for left activists in the UK has been launched.

UK Watch is seeking to develop a web site focusing on the United Kingdom that collects and presents comment, analysis and opinion pieces
of interest to activists and scholars of the left. With the assistance of their advisory board, they hope to encourage groups, authors, activists and scholars to write about the projects, research and analysis they are involved in, and to share their knowledge and experience with others in the UK activist community.

Members of the advisory board include high profile and impressive figures such as Michael Albert (ZNET), Alex Callinicos, Mark Curtis, David Cromwell (Medialens), David Edwards (Medialens), Eric Herring, Olivier Hoedeman (Corporate Europe Observatory), David Miller (Spinwatch), John Pilger and Milan Rai (JNV). is not run for profit, and the site will never carry commercial advertisements. The eight members of the collective work on the project on a voluntary basis, and the collective is organised on the principles of self-management and participatory decision making. We hope that our project has value, and they would appreciate any support we can give.

The members of the Collective are Mathieu Boespflug, Alex Doherty, Christian Hunt, Ed Lewis, Jacob Mukherjee, Sam Southgate, Joanne Tomkinson, Robert Wotherspoon. They will not just be looking for readers, they are going to need the movement's assistance to provide links to the best articles on the web and original work to ensure that UK Watch develops into an invaluable and well used resource for the left.

June 2005


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