Pizza Hut disrupted by TWISTER


20 local residents took over a Cambridge Pizza Hut on Friday evening with a "No Chains" party with music, dancing, balloons and playing twister to protest against the encroachment of multinationals into Mill Road, a vibrant, multicultural community. The protest party lasted over half an hour until the games were interrupted by police who pooped the party to cries of "ow, do we have to stop playing now?".

Mill road is the centre of a thriving and diverse community, and has managed to remain so whilst the city centre is becoming indistinguishable from any other town. Now, Mill Road's unique character and independent businesses are under threat with the arrival of Multinational Chains Subway, Pizza Hut and Chicken Cottage.

This No Chains party was part of an on-going campaign to prevent Mill road becoming another identikit street in an identikit world. Previous actions have included a "making life taste better" day of action in May where free home made food was given away on Mill Road outside the chain stores and an open letter condemning the encroachment of multi-nationals on Mill Road received hundreds of signatures.

Local resident Jane, 23, said "I've always loved Mill Road because of its individuality. I'd hate to see it become the same as every other street."

Another resident, Alan, 46, said "I've lived here 22 years and I'm really worried that local businesses are being driven out by these places."

The campaigners see this fight not simply as a bid to keep corporate capitalism out of their back yard but as their contribution to oppose the homogenisation of the world into a series of brands and logos - obliterating the individual character and quality of life.




June 2006

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