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Peace camp in Trafalgar Square

Ruth Tanner, CND

Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th March

The aim of the camp is to draw public attention to the demands of the national demonstration on 19 March: End the Occupation of Iraq; No More Bush Wars.

This is the first time that there has ever been a peace camp in Trafalgar Square. The message to the government will be clear. We reject war mongering foreign policy and the attacks on our civil liberties at home.

We want to make this a colourful and fun environment to let the warmongers know that a peaceful world is possible. There will speakers, performance, arts and entertainment.

So come along, for as long as you can - a few hours during the day or evening, sleep over, or even for the whole three days - to support the camp.  Spread the word. Bring your friends, family and colleagues along.

This peace camp will reflect our message that there is a peaceful alternative to the violent, aggressive, warmongering policies that led to the war on Iraq and the deaths of thousands of innocent people. Therefore the peace camp in Trafalgar Square will be a positive and peaceful event.

It will be a family friendly camp and children will be very welcome. In this spirit there will be no drugs or alcohol at the camp. To ensure that this is a comfortable and pleasant experience for everyone we will be actively encouraging people to keep the camp clean and tidy.

Security is extremely important to us. It is important that this is an inclusive and safe environment. The camp will have a woman only space. The two head stewards each night will be a man and a woman. There will also be GLA wardens there every night and medical support will be on site. 

There will be some tent spaces available - all enquires about accommodation arrangements and availability contact Stop the War on 02072786694

If you can help set up the peace camp and organise activities please call Rebecca Morden on 07976 623706


Each evening of the camp there will be special events:


Wednesday 16th - press call at 5pm

Followed by an evening with Mark Steel, 7pm


Thursday 17th - Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn MP discuss 'Bush wars and terror laws' 7.30pm onwards


Friday 18th - Forum - Military Families Against the War

Followed by Hip Hop Against the War


Organised by Stop the War and supported by CND and others.


March 2005


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