Furniture Firm Announces Closure By Text Message To Staff  



Bedford furniture manufacturing company Peter Guild’s 30 plus employees were stunned to receive text messages on Sunday 5th February 2006 telling them not to come into work on Monday the 6th February 2006 as the company has gone into voluntary liquidation.

GMB represents the company employees and is seeking talks with the company over the level of redundancy payments, the failure to consult and compensation for injury to feelings. GMB is also taking legal advice over the lack of consultation and the company’s failure to inform the union or the workforce of the impending liquidation situation even though there are reports of the management team clearing the factory of stock on the weekend prior to the announcement.

This is in fact the second time within a week that GMB has had to deal with members complaining of being sacked by text message. Last week the AA texted selected patrol staff in a similar manner.

Alan Costello, GMB Organiser said “This is an appalling way to treat a loyal and trusted workforce. Not only have they been thrown on to the proverbial scrapheap, with the minimum amount of compensation, but to be told in such a brutal and heartless way, is beyond belief.”





March 2006

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