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Tesco supports Japanese whaling industry

Mark Crutchley

Tesco is supporting the Japanese whaling industry by selling canned 
whale meat in its Japanese subsidiary C-Two Network.  It is also 
selling fresh meat from other cetaceans (whales, dolphins & 
porpoises) which have been killed in Japanese waters.  If you object
to this then let Tesco know.
Write to the Chief Executive Terry Leahy at:    Tesco House
                                          Delamare Road
                                          EN8 9SL 
E-mail the corporate social responsibility team at: 
Sign the petition 
But most importantly, stop shopping at Tesco
Only by hitting their sales in the UK can we hope to get them to 
change their policy. 
For more information go to the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society
(WDCS)web page:   



September 2004


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