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Anti racist demonstration in Swansea

Huw Pudner

An anti racist march is to take place in Swansea on Saturday the 9th October. The march will start off  at 11 am from the Guildhall near the St Helens rugby ground and end at the Castle Square Gardens in the city centre. It has been called by Swansea Against Racism and is being backed by local trade unions and the Wales TUC.

Three weeks ago a disabled Iraqi Kurdish refugee  was killed in the city centre in what police called a racist crime. Kalan Kawa Karim,  a 29 year old with a wife and child still in Iraq ,had fled his country after being held prisoner in a Saddam jail. He had come to Britain to seek safety but was killed near the Kingsway in Swansea after being attacked. One man has been
charged with his murder and is due to appear in court on the 19th November.

Shortly after his death hundreds of local people gathered on the Kingsway to hold a protest vigil in a marvellous show of support for the small Kurdish community  in Swansea. However, there have been several  other vicious racist incidents in and around Swansea in recent years which has led to the demonstration being called for the 9th October. For example two years ago the local synagogue was broken into and daubed with Nazi slogans and the swastika. Worshippers at the mosque in nearby Llanelli have been assaulted and a racist gang harassed a green activist during the June elections in the centre of Swansea.

Local anti racist want this march to be as big as possible and ask you to attend with friends and workmate etc. Come along and show the racists that their actions will be challenged.


September 2004


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