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Stoke on Trent City by election set back for the BNP

Jim Jepps

The BNP have suffered a set back in a recent by election with their vote falling by 32% from 674 (and second place) last year to 464 (and third place) on the 3rd of March.

The far right organisation's vote is of course still worryingly high but the drop from 25.3% to 22% will be seen as problematic by its supporters, who have already recognised that it is extremely unlikely that they will do well at the General election, and see the party losing momentum.

Of course, the election result will hardly be seen as good news by the government as the Labour vote dropped from a very safe 823 to a second place 496 - a massive fall in the space of a single year. The Lib dems won the seat having been in fifth place in 2004.

What's clear from this result is that the BNP is having problems but is not yet dead, and there is no room for complacency from anti-fascists. It is not that long ago that 22% for a fascist organisation would have been thought inconceivable - whilst now it indicates a falling away of support.

Results Stoke-on-Trent City East Valley: 3rd March 2005
Lib Dem 525
Lab 496
BNP 464
Ind 445
C 150.
Turnout 2080
BNP 22.3%

(June 2004)
Lab 823,
BNP 674
Ind 429
C 406
Lib Dem 330
Turnout 2365
BNP 28.4%

March 2005


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