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SSP launches Euro Manifesto

SSP Research, Policy & Media Unit Press Release: 17/05/04



The Scottish Socialist Party today launched it's European manifesto under the gaze of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in Glasgow's `Cuba Norte' bar. The SSP is fielding a full list for the European elections with Felicity `Fiz' Garvie, Tommy Sheridan's office manager for the past 5 years, at the top of the list.

Felicity is pledged to only take the average wage of a skilled worker if elected, a direct challenge to the `gravy train' culture of sitting MEP's.

The SSP's 26 page manifesto details the party's opposition to the European Union as currently constituted which the party describes as being run "not by elected politicians, but by unelected bankers and bureaucrats." The SSP acknowledges that in normal times the European elections would be primarily about the European union, agricultural and fisheries policies and the single currency but that the Iraq war means that these are not normal times.

Tommy Sheridan said;

"The SSP is an internationalist party. "We reject the Union Flag-waving, Rule Britannia-singing europhobia of the Tory right. "We are pro-European. We want to extend the hand of friendship to all the peoples of Europe, east and west. "But that does not mean we are pro-European Union. In our manifesto we set out our critique of the European Union and its top down, bureaucratic, ultra-centralised institutions. "We argue for a different Europe, a diverse and democratic Europe, a socialist Europe."

"The Scottish Socialist Party has stood fearlessly against the warmongering of Bush and Blair from day one. "We opposed the bombing of Afghanistan, warning that victory for the US and Britain in this grotesquely uneven contest would not bring peace and stability to the world, but would inflame Islamist fundamentalism and strengthen al Qaeda. "We opposed on principle the invasion of Iraq, with or without the backing of a UN resolution. "And we are now spearheading the campaign in Scotland to end the occupation of Iraq."

Key Manifesto Points: A Scottish Socialist MEP will: Live on no more than the average salary of a skilled Scottish worker and fully disclose all additional expenses received from the European Parliament (for example, travel, accommodation, staffing). Work with European Social Forum to promote the idea of a different Europe based on social need rather than financial greed. Demand a Scotland-wide referendum on the draft European Constitution because of the impact it will have on the workings of the Scottish Parliament and on the right of the Scottish people to move towards independence. Campaign for a No vote in any Scottish or UK-wide referendum on the new constitution. Fight to close down the European Central Bank, which is driven by right wing, free market ideology. Campaign against the euro and promote the idea of an independent socialist Scotland with full control over its own currency, interest rates and money supply. Oppose outright the failed Common Fisheries Policy. Campaign for Scotland to have full control over its own fishing industry, in line with other small northern European nations, including Iceland and the Faroes. Demand an immediate ban on all industrial fishing in the North Sea. Work with community campaigns such as the Cod Crusaders who are fighting for the future of their communities.

Felicity Garvie:

Felicity is currently office manager and parliamentary assistant to Tommy Sheridan and Rosie Kane. She is 49 years old and lives in Scotlandwell, a small village in rural Kinross. Living in the countryside while working in Edinburgh for two Glasgow- based MSPs, Felicity understands the geographical diversity of Scotland. She has been heavily involved in developing and promoting the SSP's universal free school meals bill and the party's policy of replacing the Council Tax with a fair income-based tax system. Felicity is also tuned in to the crisis facing Scotland's farming and fishing communities. And as someone who lived in Germany for 20 years and speaks German, French and Italian, she will be a highly and effective voice of Scotland within Europe.


Vote for Felicity Garvie - a socialist MEP on a worker's wage!


May 2004


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