G8, Gleneagles and the movement of movements


Shut them downAt long last, the book ‘Shut Them Down!: The G8, Gleneagles 2005 and the Movement of Movements’ is out!

  So, what’s in the book…?

The book is 368 pages long, and it’s packed with full- and half-page photos. And there’s an excellent cartoon too! Altogether, over 60 people contributed articles, photos, images, ideas, inspiration and many, many hours of proof-reading. Thanks once again to all of you!

Some of the book’s articles are ‘war stories’, accounts of actions which, we hope, carry some of the energy that was felt during the days of action. Some provide detailed accounts of how various aspects of the mobilisation were organised, what was learned, and how things could – perhaps – be done better the next time around. Others still attempt to critically reflect on some of the missed opportunities of the mobilisation: our failure to break out of the ‘activist’ ghetto, our inability to critique the G8 on its own terms, and so on. Others still talk about the meaning of such events and the possibility of moving beyond them. Perhaps most importantly of all, however, the book attempts to pose the question: how do we take those worlds that felt so possible during the week of protests and generalise them so that they make sense in the rest of our lives?

  Who put together the book, and how was it paid for…?

The book was edited, with a lot of help from our friends, by a collective of four, based in Leeds and Brighton. All of the editors were, to different extents and in different ways, involved with the Dissent! mobilisation to Gleneagles. It should go without saying that none of the editors, designers, contributors or proof-readers have been, or ever will be, paid for their involvement.

The book has been co-published by Dissent! and Automomedia ( www.autonomedia.org ). The book was funded primarily by Dissent!, however, the project would not have been possible without financial assistance from Active Distribution ( www.activedistribution.org ), Antonomasia, and a number of other friends. Upon agreement at the network-wide Dissent! gathering in Sheffield in October 2005, Dissent! contributed £5,500 towards the total cost of around £8,000 for printing 4,000 copies of the book. The rest of the money has been contributed by the other funding sources.

  And how’s the book going to be distributed…?

  ‘Shut Them Down!’ is being distributed by Dissent!, Autonomedia, Active Distribution and AK Press. The book has an ISBN number (0-9552065-0-2) and has been registered with Nielsen BookData. This, hopefully, means that it should be relatively straight forward for the book to be ordered via any bookshop, library or other institution. ‘Shut Them Down!’ is *already* stocked on the virtual bookshelves of www.amazon.co.uk and will soon be available via www.amazon.com, .de and other sources. Autonomedia are primarily responsible for distribution in North America. Copies are also available to buy direct from the editors, via a PayPal button on the book’s website ( www.shutthemdown.org ). If you know of anyone else who would be willing to distribute the book, ask them to contact the editors at editors@shutthemdown.org 

The book’s text are registered under a Creative Commons ‘Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike’ licence which means that they can be reproduced, in any form, and in any quantity, as long as it is done for non-commercial purposes, so long as the original source is cited, and on the condition that the text is reprinted under the same conditions. For anyone interested, the conditions of the licence can be viewed at: https://creativecommons.org/licence/by-nc-sa/2.5/legalcode . Some of the photos within the book are covered by the same licence, others have been copyrighted by the individual photographers.

  How can I, or my group, help distribute the book…?

1) If you’re involved with a local Dissent! group, or another political group, get in touch with the editors about bulk and discount ordering (for rates, see below). Sell copies of ‘Shut Them Down’ in your local social centre, independent bookshop, health food store, community centre or record shop. If your group do stalls at gigs, parties or anywhere else, think about selling the book there too.

2) Publicity materials advertising the book are available to download from the ‘Shut Them Down’ website. These include posters to put up at points of sale announcing that the book is ‘On Sale Here’, and leaflets which can be distributed in other publications, left in social centres, handed out at events and so on. Publicity materials can also be ordered directly from the editors.

3) Link your group’s website to the ‘Shut Them Down’ site. A banner to link with is available to download from the website.

4) Order a (free!) review copy of the book from the editors and write a review for a newspaper, magazine, website or blog. Please send the editors any reviews that you write or find in other places. We’d like to display them on the website.

5) Order copies of the book into your local library. For this you’ll need all the book details (see end of mail), including the ISBN (0-9552065-0-2).

  How much is the book being sold for, and what’s going to happen with all the money…?

The price at which copies of the book are available depends upon how many copies are being ordered, and by whom.

*In general, individual copies will be sold by the editors at various events, via the PayPal button on our website, or by mail order (send cheques or postal orders made out to ‘Shut Them Down’ to Shut Them Down!, c/o Cardigan Centre, 145-147 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ). Individual copies will be sold at £4:95 (or 7.50 Euros, or 9.95US$) plus postage and packing. P&P rates are available on the book’s website. Money raised from these sales will be used, first of all, to cover other costs incurred in distribution (sending out review copies, paying for our PO Box at the Cardigan Centre, paying for the website, covering publicity costs and so on…) and sending copies of the book to Russia (see below). The surplus will be paid into the central Dissent! bank account for the network as a whole to decide how to use.

*Copies will be made available to local Dissent! groups at COST PRICE, which is £2:00 per book plus postage and packing. Money raised from these sales will be used for the same purposes as stated above. Local groups will be able to sell the books on for whatever price they choose (although we would prefer that they do not charge more than £4:95/7.50 Euros/9.95US$ per copy). Money raised by local groups can be used to fund local projects and initiatives.

*We hope that many of those who contributed to the book will help with distribution. To this end, copies will be available to contributors (authors, photographers and proofreaders) at cost price (£2 per book, plus postage and packing). Monies raised should either be paid into the central Dissent! bank account, donated to a local Dissent! group, or used for a Dissent!-affiliated (or similar) project.

*Copies of the book will be made available to non-Dissent! affiliated political groups, projects and initiatives at a discounted rate (i.e. less than £4:95 per copy plus postage and packing) at the discretion of the editors.

*Bookshops, distributors and others wishing to place bulk orders will be able to buy copies of the book with a one third discount (i.e. at a price of £3.30 per copy, plus postage and packing). Money raised from these sales will, again, be used to cover costs incurred in distribution and sending copies of the book to Russia. Again, any surplus will be paid into the Dissent! bank account. In exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the editors, an alternative rate may be negotiated with certain shops and distributors.

*Free review copies will be sent, by the editors, to various newspapers, journals, magazines and websites. Postage and packing will be paid for by money raised from book sales. To obtain a review copy, email the editors naming the publication that you are hoping to write the review for. Remember to include a postal address.

*50 copies of the book will be mailed to a group involved in the mobilisation against the 2006 G8 Summit in St. Petersburg. Postage and packing will be covered by monies raised through book sales.

  *An as yet to be determined number of books will be donated to Brighton Anarchist Black Cross ( www.brightonabc.org.uk ) to send to prisoners.

  Thanks for reading this far!

  If you would like any more information, please email us at editors@shutthemdown.org






Jan 2006

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