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RMT AGM calls for working class political representation.

Jim Jepps

In a significant move (particularly for the left) the RMT national AGM passed a motion for a conference for working class political representation.


The motion states;


"That this AGM regards the Labour Party under its current leadership as the party of privatisation and neo-liberalism, support for the imperialist wars of the extreme right Bush administration, attacks on civil liberties and trade union rights and freedoms. It is more important than ever that our union takes up the important task of developing political representation of the working class.


With this aim in mind we instruct the Council of Executives and the General Secretary to pursue every avenue with all other representative organisations of workers, including;


·       Building a national conference of trade unions and organisations of working class communities and political organisations to discuss political representation for workers;


·       Affiliate nationally, regionally and locally to the UK Organising Committee for the European Social Forum in London in 2004, in order to develop a high profile international debate on the issue of ‘the trade unions and political parties’."


The resolution, however, was amended to include support for the Labour Representation committee a group formed to head off left wing calls for a break from the Labour Party.


Whilst, like many motions, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, and their value is in what is done with the motion rather than the text itself - this is a real positive step for everyone trying to build a united socialist party in England and Wales.



July 2004


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