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Revolutionary History Vol 8 No 4

The latest issue of Revolutionary History deals with Germany from 1919-1930 and includes the following fascinating articles.

 1.      “Rosa At A Loss - The KPD leadership and the January 1919 Berlin Uprising ‑ Legend and reality”. Detailed account using totally new material.

 2.      From "Karl Retzlaw", memoirs, Spartakus, Aufsie and Niedergang, published under the name Karl Grohle (1896‑1979), The Generals "premature" Putsch, a memoir of the Kapp putsch, and

3.      His account also of 1920‑2I: “The Paul Levi Episode”, and “The March Action”.

4.      “The Fifth Congress of the Communist International and its Results” by August Thalheimer (1924)

None of this has ever been in English before.

There are also moving and highly detailed critical tributes to both Al Richardson and Duncan Hallas.

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This year’s forthcoming Revolutionary History “1905 Centenary Issue”, invited editor Pete Glatter, all material never before in English .


January 2005


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