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Urgent call for anti-BNP day of action in Redbridge 

David Landau and Gerry Gable

Sunday 10 April, 11.30am

Protest against the BNP assembling at Redbridge tube station, then continue with another anti-BNP activity until the end of the afternoon

Searchlight has learned that BNP are intending to return to Redbridge on Sunday 10 April. They will assemble at Redbridge Underground Station at 12 noon to go on to an election rally somewhere close by. The speakers at this rally will include their leader Nick Griffin and their Group Development Officer, the convicted bomber Tony Lecomber, who lives in Redbridge.

Redbridge Together, the local community anti-fascist organisation, are calling for a static and dignified picket of Redbridge Station on 10 April starting at 11.30am to oppose the BNP’s presence in our borough.

In recent weeks the BNP have faced increasing opposition in Barking and Dagenham. Nearly 130 anti-fascists distributed 50,000 copies of an eight-page anti-BNP paper in the course of a Day of Action against the BNP on 12 March.

However in Loughton the BNP were out on the Debden and Oakwood estates for two days over the Easter weekend with 40 activists on one day and 11 the next. Their increased profile in the area has led to some serious violence.

The BNP is failing right across London, but the only places where they appear to be really active are Barking and Dagenham, and Loughton, using Redbridge as a springboard for much of their work.

After the BNP have left the station we will be engaged in an anti-BNP activity for the rest of the day. We need sufficient numbers to be able to carry it out.


April 2005


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