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Scottish Socialist Publishing Co-operative launched

The Scottish Socialist Publishing Co-operative was launched at Socialism 2004.

The publication and dissemination of socialist literature has historically played a influential role in increasing socialist awareness amongst Scottish workers and has been an important medium for the transmission of socialist ideas throughout society.  

In recognition of this, the Scottish Socialist Publishing Co-operative (SSP Co-op) has been established to inform socialist debate in Scotland and to present our arguments for a viable, socialist alternative to New Labour.

We now invite socialists to join this new publishing venture. 

In doing so, SSP Co-op members will allow us to produce up to date publications on the struggles, campaigns and policies that we believe will further Socialism in Scotland and throughout the World.



The aims of the co-operative are as follows:

·         To encourage Scottish Socialist Party members/supporters to invest* in the Co-op which would generate a pool of money to allow the Co-op to publish up-to-date socialist materials.

·         To promote the policies and campaigns of the Scottish Socialist Party by publishing pamphlets, books etc that are requested/commissioned by the party publications committee.

·         Membership is open to all members/supporters of the Scottish Socialist Party who invest the minimum membership fee of £10.

·         The SSP Co-op will operate on a democratic basis i.e. one member, one vote.

·         Members who invest more than the minimum amount will have the same voting rights as other members regardless of the value of their investment.

·         Members who invest in the co-op will be able to withdraw their investment at any time repayable at one month’s notice.



Make cheques payable to:  SSP and return to SSP Co-op, PO Box 26752, Glasgow G2 8YR


Further information email: or Download an application form from here


* Minimum membership fee: £10 repayable at a month’s notice.
Socialist Productions
PO Box 26752
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September 2004


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