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Scrapping Trident Is Now A Part Of Plymouth's Culture.

Sandra Leslie

With this year's Trident Ploughshares Devonport Disarmament Camp and all the ideas and enthusiasm that came from just a few people (and in spite of the relentless storms), the Scrap Trident Campaign has now become a significant part of Plymouth culture.  This was due to the successful occupation of
Drakes Island, The Regeneration Carnival at Camels Head, as well as the joining in of the Lord Mayor's Procession through the city centre on Saturday with the Banner saying 'Trident Is Terrorism'.  And it was thanks to Peter Le Mare of Penzance CND that we got permission to join the procession rather than tag along on the periphery.  However, all of this together meant that there was constant media attention on TV and in the newspapers along with debates on the radio and so on throughout the period
from the 13th May to 22nd May - and beyond!

Most of this success was down to the deliberate sharing and dispersal of power within Trident Ploughshares at a local level.  This is the 'will to power' that generates more and more power exponentially - particularly because the media had not had me pinned down as Ms. Scrap Trident this year, so many others made decisions and had their fifteen minutes instead which is only right and proper.   Of course, and like any other organisation, Trident Ploughshares has its control freaks at national level who have caused trouble here since the outset in 2002.  But this has almost become a joke now since I am no longer an official member of TP and have not made any major decisions here for months and haven't needed to either.  So these people can get their knives out for me all they like but it won't get them anywhere at all.  Such control freaks need to bone up on their existentialism with reference to Sartre's concept of Bad Faith (as well as Nietzsche's 'Will To Power').

The objective element is to Scrap Trident (to turn it into ploughshares) rather than to fight for elite power and control which is why we have such weapons as Trident in the first place.  We all have our roles to play in this world one way or another so it's about time these control freaks stopped being so predictable since it is they who break all the rules rather than me.  And they fall into their own traps while huge changes for the better take place all around us.


June 2005


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