US Peace felons

Mike Ferner

Mike Ferner, is  a former member of Toledo City Council one-time mayoral candidate. He is a member of the Labor party.




Friends and Activists: This letter is to tell you about another page in the antiwar movement written here in Toledo on New Year's Day, and to request your assistance.

As you can see from the photo I decided to welcome in the new year the same way so many of us have said goodbye to the old one, by demanding we get our troops out of Iraq and end this criminal war. Unfortunately, the location I picked had its problems: First, it was in a suburban township outside Toledo where the holiday overtime police were sitting around with not a lot to do, and secondly, it turns out the Republican judge for that district is also, shall we say, not very politically supportive.


 The press interviews and subsequent legal proceedings will provide opportunities to ask the REAL question: "Who's the criminal here?" by comparing a spray-painted overpass to what our government is doing in Iraq.  It's already given me a chance to point out that Bush is daily violating international law and the U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996 among other laws, and that our troops are in Iraq based on a pack of lies.  As satisfying as it is to do, and willing as I am to spend additional time in jail for this, it is nonetheless, a relatively costly message for my brother and I.  (For the record, he agreed only to drive on this mission and I did the actual artwork, a fact we will impress upon the courts.)


  We are each being charged with two FELONY counts: criminal vandalism, and, believe it or not, "possessing criminal tools," to wit, the spray paint.  Seems the legislature in its wisdom a few years ago decided to deal with the problems of gangs by making it a felony to use spray paint illegally.  As with the various Homeland Security measures, I'm sure Ohio is a safer place to live as a result.


If, among the other good efforts for peace you already support, you can also help whittle down the the fines, bail bond fee, vehicle impound charges, and (believe it or not) the $100 per DAY "pay to stay" fee levied by the Lucas County Jail, we would be most grateful.


The fines and costs could likely top $2,000 for each of us, and extra depending on if and how much jail time is levied.



You'll not only receive the good feeling of helping out the peace movement, BUT the first...umm...several contributors who take advantage of this special internet offer will ALSO receive an autographed photo of the recently beautified interstate highway overpass featured in the "TROOPS OUT NOW!" photo below, suitable for framing


Thank you for considering this request, and whether or not you are able to contribute financially, please accept my sincere thanks for your work in the peace movement and warmest wishes to




Be well and raise hell









Jan 2006

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