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PCS left unity statement about the job cuts.


Left Unity condemns the announcement by the Chancellor that he intends to slash over 100,000 jobs. We see this as an attack on jobs and public services. We reject the assumption by the chancellor that there are "deserving" public services and "undeserving " public services. The recognition by the chancellor that there is such a thing as society means that all the public services that contribute to society must be equally recognised and resourced.

It is a kick in the teeth to PCS Members who have helped to deliver on the Government's agenda often against a background of low and unequal pay, unreasonable performance targets and stressful working environments.

The Dutch auction between the main political parties on who can cut the most jobs has sickened members. Members are quite rightly angry about these job cuts and fearful for their future job prospects. They will be looking to PCS to respond to these blatant attacks on our jobs.

Left Unity believes that because of the work done in the last year on the National Executive Committee (NEC) we are in better shape to face these attacks. We now have 310,000+ members, plus improved organisation and finances.

The National Executive Committee meets 21 - 23 July. Left Unity members on the NEC will be arguing strongly that the full weight of the union and membership is used to fight back against the job cuts. We will be arguing for a massive campaign, involving members at all levels of the union, including political campaigning and lobbying, demonstrations etc. National Industrial action cannot be ruled out.

Left Unity will be issuing a further statement and report following the NEC. In the meantime, we call on all PCS Reps to unite together to fight against these attacks. You can play your part now, by recruiting non-members, getting organised in your workplace, raising the issue with members, holding members meetings and inviting NEC Members to come along to speak. If you want an NEC Member, you should email Janice Godrich, PCS National President

Also make sure your regional committee is active and that it will be fully involved in the campaign. If we are to successfully oppose these attacks, both in the interests of our members and wider society, it is essential that we not only have a national campaign but hundreds of campaigns at branch, regional and departmental level as well. Make sure you play your part.

July 2004


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