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Leading trade unionists are coming to North Wales for a rally billed as a head-on challenge to Labour's claim to speak for workers.

Railworkers' union leader Bob Crow, civil service union leader Mark Serwotka and representatives from the Fire Brigade Union are among those due to speak at the rally in Wrexham's Centenary Club on Thursday, October 21.

The "Red October" event is being sponsored by Forward Wales and the RMT railworkers' union.

Dave Bithell, of Wrexham's RMT branch, said: "Labour was launched a century ago as the party of the workers. Since then it's changed out of all recognition. Now it's the party of the millionaires not the millions - giving peerages to big donors to party funds while sacking thousands of public servants. Ex-Labour ministers are making big money as advisers to private companies, just like the Tories used to do. So who speaks up for ordinary working-class people?

"This rally is a chance for people across North Wales to hear that there is an alternative to Labour's rightward march and that there are unions involved in building that alternative. Anyone interested in ensuring workers have a real political voice is welcome to come along."

The rally, with a bar and buffet, starts at 6.30pm at the Centenary Club at Wrexham Football Club. Because space is limited to 150, please contact 01978 314 085 for free tickets.




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