A Model Trade Union Resolution And Action Programme Against     Immigration Controls

No One Is Illegal

PART ONE -This trade union organisation;

      (1) NOTES the existence of immigration control legislation which deports individuals, divides families and prevents the entry of asylum-seekers.
     (2) CONDEMNS this legislation as racist 

     (3) CONSIDERS all immigration controls to be intrinsically and inevitably racist. Immigration laws were introduced in this country in 1905 in order to keep out. .Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe. These laws were then used to exclude the victims of Nazism. In the second half of the century controls  targeted black people. They now target all the undocumented - migrants, immigrants and refugees.  

     (4) OBSERVES immigration law is unique. It is a result of fascistic agitation. The 1905 Act was  the result of activity by the proto-fascist British Brothers League. The post-war legislation followed the 1958 Notting Hill "race riots" provoked by Oswald Moseley's fascists. 'Non- racist' or 'fair' immigration controls are impossible. 

     (4) REGARDS immigration controls as divisive of trade union and labour organisation by splitting workers into 'legal' and 'illegal'

     (5) VIEWS employer sanctions as the most divisive form of immigration control.  They turn the bosses into agents of immigration control on the shop floor - by criminalising the employment of undocumented labour. 

     (6) IS CONCERNED  trade unionists are  used to enforce both immigration controls and  internal immigration controls - e.g. in  hospitals, benefit agencies and local authority housing departments where entitlements are linked to immigration status.

     (7) OPPOSES the establishment of the National Asylum Support Service and its administering of a new poor law for asylum seekers, outside the welfare state and with the help of local authorities. 


PART TWO - This trade union organisation RESOLVES to contest all immigration controls and  internal controls and to  

      (a) Support all members or non-members threatened by immigration controls or refused welfare entitlements because of their immigration status. 

     (b) Defend all members who refuse to implement immigration  or internal controls. 

     (c)  Support all campaigns against deportation or detention

     (d) Support  campaigns for the restoration of entitlements for all irrespective of status. 

     (d) Oppose  employer sanctions.

     (e) Oppose any attempt by the Immigration Service to enter the workplace in order to arrest, detain and deport workers.

     (f) Actively embark on a recruitment drive of  migrants, immigrants and refugees irrespective of their immigration status

     (g) Fight for the right to work and for equality of  pay and conditions for all workers irrespective of immigration status 

     (h) Explore how unions can best help facilitate the entry here of those wishing to leave their country of origin as a result of persecution, impoverishment, being divided from their family here or for any other reason of their choice.

CALLS UPON the TUC and this union regionally / nationally to adopt the above 




December 2005

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