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Now is the time to renew your passport and promote our 'renew for freedom campaign'. This is a once only campaign so spread the word. Tell everyone you know - mail your friends and colleagues directly, write letters to your local newspaper saying why you've renewed your passport and encouraging others to do the same. You can also tell them about our website ( ), which contains details of the campaign and a fact sheet about passport renewal.

Remember a 10 year passport will cost 51 and last until after the next election. Soon the government will require UK citizens to attend interrogation centres to be fingerprinted like criminals, numbered like cattle and entered onto the government's big brother database the National Identity Register (NIR) at a cost of 93. It is quite possible that from later this year the UK Identity and Passport Service (UKIPS) could start collecting data of people renewing passports and storing it in a holding database, ready to be transferred to the National Identity Register at a later date.

Local groups around the country have been promoting the campaign in local newspapers and on the radio, and stunts such as NO2ID Glasgow's photo op at the passport office in Glasgow next week are planned throughout May. An ever growing list of organisations are now signed up to the campaign including Liberty, Privacy International, Statewatch, UKIP, the Liberal Democrats and Our World Our Say who ran a full page advertisement in the Independent promoting our action.

Let's send a message to the government - we don't want ID cards or a National Identity Register. 51 spent in May could prove to be one of the wisest investments you and your family ever make in their privacy and freedom. It's that simple.

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May 2006

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