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Preparing for the G8 2005

Dissent!, 27.05.2004 13:01


Resist the G8 Ė UK 2005

In 1990, the G7 held itís meeting in London . It passed by quietly. There were no protests and there were no 'red zones'. Eight years later, 400 social movements from around the world - under the banner of Peoples' Global Action (PGA: - co-ordinated local resistance to global problems. In the UK 50, 000 people came together to resist the G8 who were meeting in Birmingham.

In 2005, the G8 returns to the UK.

Since 1998, the summits and conferences of the global elite have been resisted in every country in which they have attempted to meet. This resistance has successfully delegitimised these institutions and strengthened the social movements that attack them.

But what does this mean? How can we continue to resist and push for radical social change which is more than a day of spectacular action and more intense repression?

Global anti-summit mobilisations have linked diverse struggles tackling common issues. These mobilisations have, over time, created a global 'movement of movements', in many respects historically unprecedented. But where do we go now? Can we get away from the role of the 'anti-globalisation activist' we are increasingly expected to fill? We want to keep our ideas and forms of action moving and evolving.

Since summer 2003, people have been talking about how to act against the G8 when they return to the UK. A new network of local groups and individuals has emerged called the Dissent! Network. (see

This network is very aware that it is part of a global movement. Putting on a day of action for people to attend without as much discussion and reflection as possible is a wasted opportunity. We want to work together with people from around Europe and around the world to decide what we - as a global movement - are going to make of this moment.

We donít yet know where the G8 is going to be held in the UK so we canít tell you to "come and join us". This is not a call to action yet because we donít know what action people will choose to take. A collectively written 'call to action' will come later. This is a call to learn from our history and our successes; a call to assess our current position and our current strengths; a call to debate and strategise; a call to formulate a response to the heads of the world's most powerful states meeting in Europe next year.

We need to take the opportunity, at activist gatherings in Europe and worldwide, to discuss what we have learnt over the last few years of action. Please send feed back from these discussions to us at the contact address below.

Three major events where ideas will be discussed are:

  • Peoples' Global Action European Gathering Belgrade, Serbia, July 23rd July to 29th July 2004.

  • European Social Forum, London, UK October 2004.

  • Festival of Dissent! UK, location undecided, April 2005.




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Dissent! Also has bi-monthly meetings at locations around the UK.
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