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SA = Socialist Alliance member
SP = Socialist Party member (stands as Socialist Alternative)
SLP = Socialist Labour Party
SSP = Scottish Socialist Party
DSA-PBP = Democratic Socialist Alliance, people before profit
IWCA = Independent Working Class Association
AGS = Alliance for Green Socialism
SPGB = Socialist Party of Great Britain
Those candidates marked in blue were elected - well done

Left results in the local elections 2004... as they come in...

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Affiliation Town Ward Candidate Votes Percent Place
RESPECT Basildon Lee Chapel N Dick Duane 57 2.2% 6th
RESPECT Benfleet Canvey Island Winter Gardens Bob Chapman 44 3.2% 4th
S P Birmingham Longbridge Louise Houldey 242   12th
S P Birmingham Longbridge David Salt 153   13th
S P Birmingham Longbridge Clive Walder 113   14th
DSA-PBP Birmingham Erdington Steve Godward 619 4.15% 11th
RESPECT Bolton Rumsworth Neil McAlister 540   10th
S P Bootle Netherton& Orrell Peter Glover 706 10% 4th
S P Bootle Netherton& Orrell Marie Savin 537 7.5% 5th
S P Bootle Netherton& Orrell Michael Brierley 485 7% 7th

Seven candidates for three places

Forward Wales Caerffili Aber Valley Alison Hobbs 163 10% 8th
Forward Wales Caerffili Aber Valley Tim Richards 188 12% 7th
Forward Wales Caerffili Bedwas William Thomas 788 35% 6th
Red and Green Calderdale Calder and Park Louise Castro 347   11th
Red and Green Calderdale Calder and Park Kenneth Hall 259   12th
S P Cardiff Pentywn Stephen Williams 139 1% 13th 4 votes
Communist Cardiff Adamsdown Frances Rawlings 49   8th
S P Cardiff Splott David Bartlett 76   15th
S P Cardiff Splott Katrine Williams 57   16th
S P Cardiff Splott Alex Gounelas 52   18th
Communist Cardiff Splott Rhian Cartwright 65   17th
S P Coventry Henley Paul Hunt 527 17% 8th
S P Coventry Holton Jeffrey Michael 284   10th
S P Coventry Holbrookes Mick Holton 284    
Marxist Party Coventry Radford David Anderson 222   11th
S P Coventry Radford Frances Flint 220   12th
S P Coventry Sherbourne Jason Arnold 446   8th
S P Coventry Binley and Willenhall David Bryan 423   9th
S P Coventry Foleshill James Lakshman 332   8th
S P Coventry Lower Stoke Jane Ashwell 561   9th
S P Coventry Upper Stoke Judy Griffiths 251    
S P (supporter) Coventry Whoberley Mark Power 563   8th
S P Coventry Woodlands Jonathon Morley 348   9th
S P Coventry Westwood James Donnelly 424    
S P Coventry St. Michael's Dave Nellist 1586   1st
S P Coventry St. Michael's Karen McKay 1449   2nd
S P Coventry St. Michael's Robert Windsor 1201   4th
RESPECT Derby Normanton Jangir Khan 701 14.5%  
S P Doncaster Thorne Mary Jackson 375   8th
RESPECT Dudley Lye & Wallescote Jeremy Langford 452 5.36% 8th
DSA-PBP Exeter Newtown Pete Sloman 44 2.8% 5th
DSA-PBP Exeter St. Thomas Bruce Chapman 62 2.9% 5th
SSP Fife Lumphinnans and Lochgelly   72 6% 4th

note; beat Libs & Tories

Communist Flintshire Shotton Higher Glyn Davies 99 21.6% 2nd
RESPECT Hartlepool Burn Valley Ian Aitken 81   10th
RESPECT Hartlepool Grange Pauline Cassim 118   9th
Independent Kirklees Almondbury Ian Brooke 672 12%  
S P Kirklees Newsome Jean Goodison 245   14th
S P Kirklees Newsome Dylan Murphy 101   15th
S P Kirklees Newsome Michael Forster 100   16th
SLP Knowsley Prescott West Daniel Croft 114   8th
SLP Knowsley Prescott West Stephen Whatham 256   7th
SLP Knowsley Halewood South Ian Croft 153   9th
SLP Knowsley Halewood South Eric McIntosh 187   10th
SLP Knowsley Halewood South Kevin Tyrrell 269   11th
AGS Leeds Headingley Jeannie Sutton 329   11th
AGS Leeds Chappel Allerton John Frankland 1188   6th
AGS Leeds Chappel Allerton Ann Munro 694   11th
AGS Leeds Chappel Allerton Monica Samuels 932   8th
AGS Leeds Guiseley and Rawdon Gareth Christie 217   12th
AGS Leeds Alwoodley Brian Jackson 291   11th
AGS Leeds Harewood Fiona Christie 332   10th
SP Leeds Beeston and Holbeck David Jones 177   14th
SP Leeds Beeston and Holbeck Kevin Wilson 179   13th
AGS Leeds Moortown Michael Davies 542   10th
AGS Leeds Roundhay M Christie 508   11th
AGS Leeds Gipton and Harehills Wendy Frankland 288    
AGS Leeds Gipton and Harehills A Iqbal 271    
AGS Leeds Otley and Yeadon L Frankland 251    
RESPECT Leeds Hyde Park & Woodside Katherine Owen 520   11th
S P Lincoln Birchwood Ryan Hayward 329 15.5% 3rd
DSA - PBP Liverpool Anfield Lesley Mahmood 108   10th
DSA - PBP Liverpool Anfield Ernest Nattrass 55   11th
SLP Liverpool Clubmoor Gary Theys 72 2% 10th
SLP Liverpool Croxteth Violet Shaw 90 2.8% 14th
DSA-PBP Liverpool Greenbank Stella Yates 200 7.1% 12th
DSA-PBP Liverpool Greenbank Chris Jones 145   14th
DSA-PBP Liverpool Greenbank Robert Foulkes 152   13th
SLP Liverpool Kensington and Fairfield Mike Lane 257 9.2% 8th
SLP Liverpool Norris Green Kai Anderson 167 5.6% 12th
S A Liverpool Old Swan John Ralph 169 4.9% 10th
S A Liverpool Old Swan Cecelia Ralph 171 4.9% 9th
S A Liverpool Old Swan Paul Filby 112   11th
Communist Party Liverpool Riverside J Cormack 86 3.8%  
SLP Liverpool West Derby Patrick Goodwin 95 2.7% 13th
SLP Liverpool Yew Tree Thomas McKay 82   11th
RESPECT London, GLA Barnet and Camden Liz Wheatley 5150 3.61% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA Bexley and Bromley Alun Morinan 1673 1.02% 7th
RESPECT London, GLA Brent and Harrow Albert Harriot 4,586 3.62% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA City and East Oliiur Rahman 19675 15.3% 3rd
RESPECT London, GLA Croyden and Sutton Waqas Hussain 3108 2.18% 7th
RESPECT London, GLA Ealing and Hillingdon Salvinder Dhillon 4229 2.85% 7th
RESPECT London, GLA Enfield and Haringey Sait Akgul 6855 5.52% 6th
S P & RESPECT London, GLA Greenwich and Lewisham Ian Page 2825 2.44% 7th
RESPECT London, GLA Lambeth and Southwark Janet Noble 4930 3.96% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA Merton and Wandsworth Ruairidh Maclean 4291 3.27% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA North East Dean Ryan 11184 8.03% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA Southwest Omar Waraich 3785 2.44% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA West Central Kevin Cobham 4825 3.88% 6th
RESPECT London, GLA List List 87533 4.57% 7th
RESPECT London, GLA Mayor Lindsey German


3.21% 5th

2nd  63294

2nd pref. 3.3%
S P London Lewisham Evelyn by-election Jessica Leech 374 13.2% 3rd
RESPECT Manchester Cheetham Kay Phillips 519   7th
SLP Manchester Harpurhey Mervyn Drage 179   7th
SLP Manchester Moston Kenneth Barr 164   10th
RESPECT Manchester Chorlton Ameen Hadi 351   12th
DSA-PBP Manchester Chorlton Daniel Murphy 162   14th
RESPECT Manchester Chorlton Park Ismail Farhat 262   10th
note; these are multiple vote wards where the highest three candidates are elected
S P Merseyside Netherton and Orrell Peter Glover 706 23% 4th
S P Merseyside Netherton and Orrell Marie Savin 537   5th
S P Merseyside Netherton and Orrell Michael Brierly 485   7th

note; there were three candidates elected in this ward

RESPECT Neath Port Talbot Coedffranc West Huw Pudner 210 28.3% 2nd
S P Newcastle Byker Bill Hopwood 378   11th
S P Newcastle South Heaton Cathy Collins 195   10th
IWCA Oxford Blackbird Leys Lee Cole 494 43.8% 1st
IWCA Oxford Churchill Claire Kent 386 29.3% 1st
IWCA Oxford Northfield Brook Stuart Craft 555 44.7% 1st
RESPECT Preston Fishwick Sabiha Vorajee 370 27% 3rd
RESPECT Preston Riversway Elaine Abbot 415 24% 2nd
RESPECT Preston St. George's David Eaton 289 27% 3rd
RESPECT Preston St Matthew's Sumera Rizwan 587 34% 2nd
RESPECT Preston Town Centre Mukhtar Master 762 34% 2nd
  Preston total 2423 30% 2nd
S P member Rugby New Bilton Roy Leonard 342 22.5% 3rd
DSA-PBP Sheffield Burngreave Alison Brown 610 13.1% 8th
S P Sheffield Arbourthorne Cyril Terence 253 5.5% 11th
S P Southampton Bevois Nicholas Chaffey 189 7.7% 4th
SPGB South Tyneside Monkton Bissett 203   9th
S P Stevenage Bedwell Stephen Glennon 119 7% 4th
DSA-PBP Stockport Brinnington & central John Pearson 218 8% 4th
Independent St. Helens Rainhill Neil Thompson 908 8.8% 4th
S P Stoke Northwood & Birches Christine Baldeh 87 3.5% 5th
S P Stoke Abbey Green Stephen Pugh 312 11.8%  
S P Swansea Castle Alec Thraves 258   16th 4 votes
S P Swansea Castle Robert Williams 227   17th 4 votes
S A Swindon Gorse Hill & Pinehurst Roy North 180 11.4% 4th
S A Swindon Central Andy Newman 69 3.7% 5th
S P Swindon Moreden Jean Walker 105 4.85% 4th
S P Wakefield Pontefract North John Gill 232 2.34% 9th
S P Wakefield East Michael Griffiths 436 4.86% 9th
S P Wakefield North Adrian O'Malley 351 3.57% 9th
S P Wakefield North Diane Sheppard 297 3.02% 10th
S P Wakefield North Robert Crabb 222 2.26% 11th
DSA - PBP Walsall Pleck Brian Powell 371 10% 8th
DSA - PBP Walsall Bloxwich East Stephanie Peart 155 5% 11th
DSA - PBP Walsall Bloxwich West David Church 255 7% 9th
DSA - PBP Walsall Bentley and Darlaston North Terence Durrant 197 5% 12th
DSA - PBP Walsall Birchills - Leamore Alan Davies 369 15% 8th
DSA - PBP Walsall Darlaston South Alan Johnston 459 13% 7th
DSA - PBP Walsall Blackenenall Peter Smith 736 32% 4th (3 votes)
DSA - PBP Walsall Pelsall Derek Bernard 176 3% 11th
DSA - PBP Walsall Rushall-Shelfield Louise Bradburn 275   10th
DSA - PBP Walsall Willenhall North Alan Paddock 137   12th
Forward Wales Wrexham Johnstown David Bithell 492   1st
Forward Wales Wrexham Acton Wendy Paintsil 168 18% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Borras Park Janice Jenkins 139 14% 7th
Forward Wales Wrexham Brynyffynnon John Gilbert 128 18% 4th
Forward Wales Wrexham Cartrefle Samantha La Roche 79 12% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Chirk N David Sheldon 65 10% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Coedpoeth Graham Jones 263 23% 5th
Forward Wales Wrexham Rhosddu Marc Jones 99 19% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Gogledd Gwersyllt Penelope Coles 104 18% 2nd
Forward Wales Wrexham Dwyrain a De Gwensyllt Edith Hughes 185 17% 4th
Forward Wales Wrexham Gorllewin Gwersyllt Roger Francis 193 35% 2nd
Forward Wales Wrexham Holt Alex Trommelen 93 9% 4th
Forward Wales Wrexham Maesydre Patrick Maher 161 26% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Marford Maureen Griffiths 127 15% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Minera Elizabeth Jones 358 49% 2nd
Forward Wales Wrexham Offa Oliver Lee 114 20% 2nd
Forward Wales Wrexham Plas Madoc Jonathan Higgins 71 20% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Penycae Alwyn Humpreys 99 19% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Ponciau Ieuan Roberts 336 30% 4th
Forward Wales Wrexham Queensway Jackie Trommelen 60 13% 4th
Forward Wales Wrexham Rhosnesni Michael Edwards 196 23% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Ruabon James John 75 11% 5th
Forward Wales Wrexham Stansty Stephen Jones 123 20% 3rd
Forward Wales Wrexham Whitegate Maurice Jones 182 33% 2nd
Forward Wales Wrexham Wynnstay Julia Francis 119 30% 2nd


If you have election results, corrections or further details, please send them in to
Technical note on percentages;
The figure reflects the percentage of voters who voted in the election rather than the percentage of votes. This is significant in areas where there are multiple vote wards.

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