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Mireille Medim Eka must stay!



     Mireille Medim Eka fled to the UK from Cameroon in January 2003 and has been living in Newcastle.  Her asylum application was refused in March 2003 and her appeal failed in March 2004.  She is now being held in Yarl's Wood Removal Centre awaiting deportation.


     Mireille was a member of  a student group who were trying to make the government  aware of the harshness of everyday life and the poor conditions in which students were living.


     A letter to President Biya was prepared and Mireille was chosen to deliver the letter in person.  She was on her way after handing the letter over when she was arrested and taken to prison.


     Conditions in the prison were appalling and several other prisoners died in the cell  The authorities wanted information from Mireille about other political activists, so they needed to keep Mireille alive.  Mireille was raped by soldiers and tried to commit suicide.  She managed to escape from a hospital and flee the country.


     During her time in Newcastle she was receiving rape counselling and continued to be traumatised by her experiences in prison.  She suffers from depression and often cannot eat.


     If Mireille is returned to Cameroon she will be in grave danger.  She is known to the authorities and is terrified of being sent back to the same dangerous situation from which she fled.


     What you can do to help:

     Fax/write to the Home Secretary requesting that Mirielle is allowed to stay.  You can use the model letter attached.  Copy/amend/write your own version, feel free to add your own comments.


You can fax David Blunkett on 020 7273 3965


or write direct :
David Blunkett

Home Secretary

Home Office

50 Queen Anne's Gate




Please notify the campaign of any letters/faxes sent c/o NCADC:


For further details/information contact the campaign at:

Mireille Medim Eku Must Stay!

Tel: 0191 273 7482



September 2004


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