Edinburgh Stock Transfer: Council panic after 'No' successes


Scottish Socialist Party national convenor Colin Fox, MSP for Lothians, today accused Edinburgh City Council of panicking after ballot papers for the vote were sent out earlier than anticipated. Over the past week the 'No' campaign has seen a number of politicians including Labour MP Gavin Strang attack the sell of as no better than privatisation.

Colin also called on all tenants to "stop and think" before returning the ballot papers, saying that there was three weeks during which tenants should carefully consider the arguments of the Edinburgh Against Stock Transfer (EAST) against the transfer.

Colin said; "Edinburgh City Council have clearly been panicked into sending out the ballots early because of the success of the 'No' campaign over the past week. "The message is clearly getting across that the proposal to transfer the council's housing stock to a limited company is privatisation by any other name.

"I appeal to all tenants to stop and think before returning the ballot paper. "Tenants should make sure they have seen the campaigning material of the Edinburgh Against Stock Transfer (EAST) campaign before they make their decision.

"I would urge all Edinburgh tenants to vote no in this ballot to save Edinburgh's much needed council housing from privatisation."