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Smash EDO protest camp

Sunday 29th August to Thursday 2nd September

Recently various groups in Brighton have been acting to kick out local
arms dealers EDO MBM. Among many things they make release mechanisms
which attach and release bombs on F16s, Hawks and Tornados. The company
has publicly admitted that their products manufactured in Brighton have
been used in Iraq and we believe they may be used in Israel. They also
have a ‘Live Firing Test Facility’. Actions taken already include
shutting the factory down for a day with a road block and rooftop

A protest camp will be set up at the end of August as part of the
ongoing campaign against these arms dealers. Starting on the Monday
with NVDA wokshops and daily protests through the rest of the week.

People arriving can be met by local supporters if requested. The
Megabus is a good, cheap way to get here.

Bring tents and other camping gear. Support to those from outside
Brighton will be given by local activists.

Please contact


August 2004


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