Irish shop steward wins back her job

Eric Lee

Joanne Delaney, who worked for Dunnes Stores in Dublin, was sacked for wearing a union badge in January of this year. (see Ireland: Union steward sacked for wearing a union badge)

Working together with Joanne's union, Mandate, Labourstart launched a global online campaign that generated 5,550 email messages from around the world. In addition, campaigners went to work outside Dunnes stores, motions were made in the British, Scottish and Irish parliaments, and in general, made a bit of noise.

And it worked -- on Monday morning this week, Joanne returned to work.

According to her union, "This victory for trade union rights followed a short but highly effective campaign for her reinstatement by trade unionists, political groups and community activists throughout Ireland and by many more supporters from around the world who emailed the company through the LabourStart website."

The union adds:

"Mandate wishes to place on record our sincere appreciation for the support received from all those who joined with Joanne and Mandate to campaign for her right to work and to wear her union badge without fear of victimisation. Your solidarity has won the day and we salute the courageous stand taken by Joanne who has become an inspiration to all those associated with the campaign."

What was done this week in Ireland can be done for others too -- for jailed trade union leaders in Indonesia and Iran, and for victims of union-busting campaigns in Russia and Costa Rica.


March 2006

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