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Kane in Cuba invites Castro to G8 Counter Summit

Rosie KaneScottish Socialist Party MSP Rosie Kane yesterday raised a rallying call for all those in the world opposed to the terrorism of the US state to descend on Scotland for the G8 summit at Gleneagles, specifically inviting Fidel Castro to join G8 Alternatives Counter Summit in Edinburgh on Sunday 3rd July.

Rosie was speaking at the International Meeting Against Terrorism , for Truth and Justice, at the International Conference Centre in the Cuban capital Havana Rosie is the only UK participant in a gathering of more than 300 Cuban and international delegates.

The conference has been called to demand justice from the US government in relation to two men accused of being involved in terrorism including the bombing of a Cubana flight in 1976 that claimed the lives of 73 people.

Rosie spoke with Cuban President Fidel Castro in the chair immediately after the former President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega had addressed the conference.

The three day event includes contributions from intellectuals, artists, union leaders, social activists, parliamentarians and politicians from various regions of the world. The gathering in Cuba has been organised to highlight the United States ongoing involvement in terrorist atrocities across the world from the death squads of Argentina and Chile in the 1970's to current plans to assassinate President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Speaking by phone from Cuba on Saturday evening Rosie said;
"I invited Fidel Castro to attend our G8 Alternative summit in Edinburgh and the demonstration at Gleneagles because it will be the first time in decades that he will have the opportunity to be within 5 miles of a US President. "I believe President Castro has an important message for the people of
Scotland and the wider world, a message of peace and co-operation between the peoples of the planet.
"President Bush and the other leaders of the G8 have plunged the world into a nightmare in which vast amounts of money are used to create death and destruction.

"Although a tiny country, Cuba is playing a vital role in Latin America training doctors and medical staff and they have offered to instigate a literacy programme for the Dominican Republic. "In my remaining time in Cuba I will be visiting hospitals and schools and speaking to Cubans about how their country has successfully defied the might of the United States since that historic day in 1959 when the revolution triumphed.


June 2005


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