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Reaction from Bob Crow on the Rail Review 15th July 2004



“There are welcome steps like the abolition of the SRA, devolution to Wales, Scotland and London and the transfer of some operational responsibilities to Network Rail.

However the review was designed to end the fragmentation of the railway network that resulted from the disastrous Tory privatisation. The review has not done so. We will still have ten or more train operating companies, Network Rail, the franchising body, the rail regulator, 6 track renewal companies, 200 contractors and 3 rolling stock companies.

At the end of the review we will continue to have a patchwork of competing interests, with private profits soaking up billions of taxpayers money.

RMT fundamentally disagrees with the proposal to transfer  responsibility for passenger safety to the regulator and away from HSE because of the economic conflicts of interest involved. There will also be the fragmentation of responsibility for safety since HSE will still be responsible for rail workers safety.

At the end of the day we will never get a proper railway network in Britain until the railways are re-nationalised. RMT will continue to campaign for this


July 2004


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