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Coca-Cola is only up to make profits, and for these profits, they tortured and killed over 100 Colombian labourers and trade-union activists. It is well-known that Coca-Cola pays the fascist movement AUC for killing these labourers and activists. AUC is responsible for 85 % of the 185 political inspired massacres in Colombia, and is financially supported by Coca-Cola to kill.
Go to search for "AUC Colombia" and look at the images to see what kind of fascists they are.

The most known killed activist is Isidro Segundo Gil, father of 3 children. After a protest campaign to end the crimes of Coca-Cola in Colombia, he was killed with 10 bullets, and his trade-union building was totally destroyed by the AUC. Other known trade-union victims are:

-Avelino Chicanoy (1989, in Pasto)
-Jose Elaseasar Manco David (08/04/1994, in Carepa)
-Luis Enrique Giraldo Arango (23/04/1994, in Carepa)
-Luis Enrique Gomez Garado (23/04/1995, in Carepa)
-Jose Librado Herrera Osorio (26/12/1996, in Carepa)
-Oscar Dario Soto Polo (21/06/2001, in Monteria)
-Adolfo de Jesus Munera Lopez (31/08/2002, in Baranquilla).

The target of this petition is to make the people all over the world conscious of the Coca-Cola crimes. It is hypocrite to donate to anti-aids campaigns in Africa, but kill workers and activists on the other side of the world! Send letters to coca-cola, sign the petition, boycott the products from the Coca-Cola company, until they have stopped this insanity!!!

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August 2004


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