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Who’s City? Who’s Regeneration?

Imagine a city for the people

Organised by the Centre For Democratic Policy Making and  Red Pepper Magazine

 Saturday 19th November 05.

At the St Thomas Centre, Ardwick Green, Manchester


Our aim is to host a stimulating conference which will explore the central issue of ‘who runs our cities’ and for who’s benefit. The regeneration agenda has been sweeping through Britain under the auspices of hundreds of new government programmes for over the past fifteen years, Single Regeneration Budget, New Deal for Communities, Neighbourhood Renewal and so on…At the same time wave upon wave of privatisation -PFIs Academies, Almos, Private and Public Partnerships- have eroded our services: housing, leisure, health and education.

What is the real story behind these programmes?

This free conference will be packed with ideas from local communities, unions, workers, academic’s, and activists.  We hope it be an inspiring event for all of us: strengthening our analysis, campaigns and development of alternatives.

The Centre for Democratic Policy Making and Red Pepper Magazine have never been afraid to speak out about the injustices being made in the name of regeneration and for the poorest who bear the real cost.

We hope you will come away with new friends to support you, with more information, resources, ideas and feel energised ready to continue to work for a better and fairer city & world.

All welcome.



Event Programme.


10. 00 am tea & coffee registration.


10.30 Panel. Derek Clarke Centre for Democratic Policy Making and Greater Manchester Trade Council (personal capacity).

Michael Edwards or Doreen Massy, (tbc) Kenny Bell Newcastle Unison, Jonathan Atkinon UHC, Manchester Social Forum, Sue Bowen CDP.

The panel will each speak for 5- 10 minutes linking the conference themes to their wider experience of regeneration practise and its outcomes for communities and to imagining  different possibilities.

Workshops speakers will be asked to come back to the plenary with a list of recommendations/ actions to be taken forward.


Workshops 11am  to 12. 30. Themes.  Environment, Privatisation, Civil Liberties.

Workshops will be repeated in the afternoon to allow people to attend two of their choice. (Choices to be made at morning reception)


Workshop speakers. Environment.-, The Basement Manchester Social Centre, UHC, Cllr Vanessa Hall (tbc) Cllr Neil Swannick (tbc).


Privatisation. Defend Council Housing, Kenny Bell. Newcastle Unison , Dexter Whitfield, DAF Electricians (tbc) Health & Education speakers (tbc)


Civil Liberties.  Anti Social Behaviour ( Don Entwisle Principle Officer Thameside Youth Service) Manchester ASBO Concern.

Asylum and Immigration. Steve Cohen No Borders (tbc) Manchester Refugee Action tbc


Lunch break 12.30 to 2pm. A buffet lunch & tea & coffee will be provided.


Afternoon Workshops. 2pm to 3.15pm.  Environment, Privatisation, Civil Liberties.


3.15 to 3.30 break


Panel & Plenary- 3.30 to 4.15pm. Workshop facilitators to report back key points and panel to debate and outline future actions. Hilary Wainwright editor Red Pepper & author of Reclaim the State & Geoff Brown Greater Manchester Trade Council to draw conclusions on the Governments privatisation agenda and impacts on local, national and global democracy.


4. 15pm to 4.45 Centre for Democratic Policy Making. Annual General Meeting

All participants welcome to stay. Annual Report/ Accounts and Election.

New members welcome to join the CDP committee.

4.45 close. The CDP would like to invite all conference participants to join us for drinks and an evening meal in Manchester.





About the organisers

The Centre for Democtratic Policy making was established 21 years ago and is run as a 'not for profit unincorporated voluntary organisation with social & educational aims and objectives'.

The  management committee currently has six elected members who are voted on by members at our Annual General Meetings.

The CDP has a membership of 300 supporters who sustain the organisation and its projects through a monthly nominal financial donation. CDP members are entitled to elect the management committee and receive regular mailings of the CDP newsletter. Members actively participate in the CDP’s development by  attending regular open meetings, events, our annual summer school and with policy development and research.

The CDP works nationally, however most of the management committee live in the northwest.

Management Committee members Sue Bowen, Derek Clarke, Hilary Wainwright, June Plyman, John Williams, Joan Abrams.

Recent achievements.

The CDP was the founder of  Red Pepper magazine which celebrated 10 years of independent journalism in 2004. The CDP has one management committee member who attends Red Pepper board and keeps a ‘Golden Share’ of Red Peppers ownership for the public interest. This Golden Share guarantee's Red Pepper’s independence in both its ownership and journalism and all aspects of RP’s governance.




Global environmental catastrophies man made and natural are a reminder to us of our coexistence with our world and local environment. What are local and national regeneration policies doing to support environmental targets. What should be done and how can we campaign for it?


Our public services have been subjected to a programme of blantant and subtle privitazation agenda's . What are the immdediate and long term consequences for our services such as housing, health and education and how can we make services more accountable and democtratic. 

Civil Liberties.

Manchester has an incredible appetite for the ASBO. Is this a useful resource for controlling bad behaviour or a punitive punishment for the poor and more demanding.


Asylum and immigration policies in Britain are constantly used as a media political football with the more right wing views stealing the headlines and gaining ground. How can we dispell the propaganda and challenge the racism that underlies the policies.


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November 2005


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