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Campaign against criminalising communities (CAMPACC) APPEAL


Subject: Parliamentary Inquiry into Terrorism and Community Relations

We would like to urge all community groups to send the Home Affairs
committee your views about how Anti-terrorism’ has affected your
communities.  The Committee is asking to receive such comments by 14th
September, as preparation for hearings to be held later on (see document
attached).  It is important that they receive statements from as many
groups as possible, so that they pay due attention to the people most
affected and allocate adequate time for all the groups which would like
to give verbal evidence. We would be glad to advise you on how best to
put your arguments.

CAMPACC has already compiled a dossier about how Anti-terror laws have
been used to terrorise migrant communities.  Last year we submitted
this dossier to the Privy Council review of the 2001 legislation.  We
also submitted a 2-page summary statement which was signed by groups
representing over 100,000 people. Both are available at

In our statement to the Home Affairs Committee next month, we will
include that summary statement.  We will also comment on the terms of
reference for their inquiry. For example, they assume that minority
groups encounter problems which result from the threat of terrorism.
 We will emphasise that such problems result instead from persecution
by the state authorities, mass-media scares, institutional racism, etc. - which
use the supposed threat of terrorism as a pretext for political agendas.

Whenever you do send a statement to the Committee, please send us a
copy.  We will put ours onto our website. And please get in touch if
you need any further information or any assistance with the submission.

For information contact

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August 2004


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