Oscar Olivera speaking tour of UK

Bolivia Solidarity

World-renowned Bolivian activist Oscar Olivera will speak at the British Parliament, Monday 10th July, the meeting will be hosted by Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Oscar Olivera is the Executive Secretary of the Federation of Factory Workers from Cochabamba, In 2000 he led the citizens’ uprising against the sale of Cochabamba’s water reserves to Bechtel. Oscar has received the Lettelier Moffit Award of Human Rights (2000) and the Goldman Environmental Award (2001), two prestigious honors in the fields of human rights and environmental protection respectively.

Oscar is also a co-writer of the book Cochabamba, where he declares on one of its chapters “The Water Coordinadora in Cochabamba proved able to emerge on the scene of struggle with such force because, starting five years earlier, organizational structures were built from below-from every peasant union, factory union, and outlying neighborhood. These structures had clear objectives: to defend what belongs to the collective; to defend social rights; to defend traditional customs and practices grounded in assembly-based self-governance; and to promote effective collective mobilizations. Only this patient work-ant-like, honest, clear, and committed-could have resulted, years later, in the only workers', peasants', and popular organization that has proven itself capable of throwing out a foreign corporation, defeating the state, and, for one week, replacing the state with forms of assembly-style self-government.”




Saturday 8th July

Speaking at the World Development Movement conference on water privatisation (Friends Meeting House, London) Whose Rules Rule- Challenging the corporate water takeover - 8 July London


Sunday 9th July

Spanish/English meeting, directed specially to Latin-American community. Supported by Bolivia SC, HOV, Colombia SC and others. In Rampart Social Centre, 3-10pm


Sunday 9th July

Oscar speaks about Cochabamba water struggle in Logan Hall, at 7pm at the SWP's Marxism event Marxism 2006 - a festival of resistance


Monday 10th July

Public Meeting at Houses of Parliament, MP Jeremy Corbyn and other mps at 2-3pm

Spanish Language meeting in St Johns church Waterloo, 6.30pm-9.30pm, (Philosophical café) www.filosofialatinoamerica-uk.org

Tuesday 11th July

Evening public meeting in Manchester

Wednesday 12th July

Evening public meeting at The Common Place in Leeds www.thecommonplace.org.uk

Thursday 13th July

Daytime informal meeting at Northern TUC (Newcastle)

Evening public meeting at the STUC in Glasgow - speaking with Mike Kirby (Unison Scotland) and Mark Ballard MSP Jackie Simpkins at War on Want


Fri 14th July

Morning meeting in Glasgow with Scottish trade unionists

Evening public meeting in Brighton (various groups including No Sweat campaign)


Saturday 15th July

Afternoon. Speak at RAN/War on Want conference on Latin America's social movements

Latin America- Social Movements Fight Back


Sunday 16th July

Speaking at Tolpuddle Festival




June 2006

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