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Jim Jepps


Campaigners in Essex were outraged to hear that the fascist British National Party (BNP) were organising a 'fun day' in Essex on Saturday 24th April.


Not only are they organising the social event which promises "political education classes, paint-balling, archery, late night beer tent, music and fireworks" they have also threatened to march in near by town Wickford. An additional worry is that Jean Marie Le Pen will be in the country on this day and it is quite possible that he will visit this event.


This cannot be allowed to happen. Where ever the Fascists attempt to march or organise they must be harassed and, where possible, stopped. If their brand of bigotry we open the door to horror - if we keep a lid on their ability to organise we limit the hearing they can get from those disaffected (with good reason) from the mainstream parties.


The BNP presence has brought condemnation from far and wide. For instance from war veteran and Essex resident Jim Frasier who commented that "many good friends died fighting against fascism. We need to make sure that these racists are made very unwelcome."




April 2004

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