I won the campaign for my life !

Ziadah & Sharif Must Stay Campaign

"I am not campaigning to become a Member of Parliament ! I am campaigning for my life!" - Ziadah Nakatchwa, April 2nd 2005, Manchester demonstration.

Ziadah wins the campaign for her life !

"Words cannot describe how it feels to let you know that I have won my campaign!

I have been granted Discretionary Leave to Remain and it's all down to my campaign.

Through NCADC (National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns) I want to thank each and everyone one of you who have supported the Ziadah and Sharif Must Stay Campaign.

I would not have been here without my campaign which has done a brilliant job - I could never have done it without you all.

There was UNISON Manchester Community Health Branch, my solicitors at Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, Women Asylum Seekers Together, Community Arts North West, NCADC, and too many others to mention ! Special thanks to my fellow asylum seekers who struggled with me - despite their own problems, they were always there for me.

When Immigration came to arrest me in 2004 and take me and my son Sharif into detention, I thought it was all over. But my newly formed campaign swung into action and fought like tigers to protect me.

Finally, my son Sharif and I are safe. Now I can live and work like a normal person, and I am even allowed to have privacy again.

But I am not going to disappear ! I am here for all those still fighting for their safety like they have been for me - I know the road, the long journey. I will continue to campaign and make our voice heard.

NCADC has been like a radio for me - broadcasting my campaign. Long live NCADC !

To all of you out there still facing deportation - keep hope my friends, keep fighting for your life !"

Ziadah Nakatchwa, 2nd August 2006

"Ziadah Nakatchwa is a brave lady. Her campaign members have been outstanding. Ziadah has spoken in public at all the public meetings and demonstrations we have had in Manchester and beyond since October 2004. She sobbed her heart out each and every time. I don't think it ever got any easier for her. She came with me to many of the NCADC workshops I have held around the North West, encouraging others to keep strong and consider their campaigning options. I am blessed with a number of asylum seekers like Ziadah who help me all the time - every day we move around the country in "packs". If NCADC North West has succeeded in anything, it's because of them. It's our NCADC - NCADC is you and all of us across the UK."

Emma Ginn, NCADC North West Co-ordinator


National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC)




August 2006

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