Keep our streets safe from bogus journalists

London No Borders/No One is Illegal

Demonstrate outside the 'News of the World'

Keep our streets safe from bogus journalists!

Sunday - 11th June at 11.ooam
1 Virginia Street,
E98 1XY
(off The Highway, nearest tube Tower Hill - District & Circle, or DLR Tower Gateway)

On Sunday 1st June the News of the World publicly boasted about how they had kidnapped 70 migrants in an article 'We catch 2 bus loads of illegal immigrants'. They explain how their undercover journalist had gone out pretended to be taking people to jobs, picked migrants up in a bus and delivered them to Colnbrook detention centre. The objective was, apparently, to expose the Home Office's failure to deal with 'illegal immigrants'.


It is terrifying to know that gutter journalists can go around the streets as vigilante immigration officers, wrecking people's lives, livelihoods, and perhaps even sending them to their death. If they can get away with this, which group of people is next on their hit list to be lifted off the streets.

This culmination of a frenzy of bogus journalism directed at refugees and migrants over the last few months. Day after day the papers have had an orchestrated frenzy around 'foreign' criminals and 'illegal immigrants' setting the political agenda.

These 'news 'papers weep crocodile tears about racist attacks and murders but they create the vicious racist atmosphere which encourages these things to happen. Is it any wonder that the British National Party wins seats when these papers are pushing the government to attack refugees and migrants even more than they are now?

Lets show these merchants of hate what we think of them. Bring yourselves, Bring your friends, Bring placards, Bring anything that makes lots of noise.

Be There!

We catch 2 bus loads of illegal immigrants

The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star and their three Sunday stable mates

*News of the World, Mail on Sunday and Express on Sunday,' slammed by UNHCR report.




June 2006

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