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Agenda for change could "destroy the NHS"


As the final stages of the negotiation on the NHS pay modernisation scheme (Agenda for Change) are underway fresh crises over unsocial hours working and on-call allowances look likely to introduce further delays in the controversial proposals. With Sunderland hospitals dropping out of the Agenda for Change Early implementer pilots and NE Ambulance trust in dispute with staff over paid meal breaks the numbers of Agenda for Change sceptics is increasing from a trickle to a flood.

Leaders and members of NHS unions will be meeting soon in Birmingham to discuss the results for the early implementers. They are already expressing sharp concerns.

Mark Ladbrooke a member of UNISON's Health Group Exec commented 'If the Sunderland downgrading figures were applied across the country up to half a million health workers could face pay cuts. People just wouldn't stay. This cut price modernisation could lead to a wave of unofficial disputes and could well destroy the NHS'.

Gill George, Amicus NEC member, also speaking in a personal capacity, said:

The worst thing about AFC is the attack on women workers. AFC isn't about fair pay for women - it's about reversing equal value victories and making sure they can't happen again. AFC institutionalises poverty pay for women workers in the NHS.

The conference organised by the Healthworker paper is expected to attract health workers from all unions.

Its called Agenda for Change - Is this the deal we want?

Its a conference to discuss strategy and campaigning and takes place Saturday 31 July 1.15 to 5pm Carrs Lane Church Centre Birmingham B4 7SX
(Near to Moor Street and New Street Rail stations)
Contact Caroline at to book.

More information about the conference is at 

Disgracefully UNISON's general secretary has denounced the unofficial conference. The union's leadership really need to consider who the problem is - the government of provatisation and cuts or the stewards and union activists fighting and organising against them.

Unofficial conference: Birmingham 31 July 2004
Some UNISON health care branches may have been notified of an unofficial
conference on Agenda for Change, which is being held in Birmingham on 31
July .

It should be noted that this unofficial meeting has been convened outside of
UNISON rules and is in breach of the democracy in UNISON guidelines. UNISON
is not affiliated to the convening organisation - which has consistently
opposed UNISON policy and has supported its own candidates in UNISON

Therefore no UNISON funds or resources should be used in promoting or
facilitating attendance at this event.



July 2004


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